Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Market Days

I will have 5 of those, please. You know which ones

We saw Neon Trees! Not normally a fan, but they were incredible live! The crowd was absolutely wild and we were just enjoying the show.

We ended up going both days, despite the fact that I wanted a "sick" day to lay around and get well.

Alas! A weekend of NOTHING amidst the craziness I mentioned in my last post. I have been a little under the weather lately and naturally cannot sit still or relax when there are so many things happening in Chicago!

One of my favorite friends and I went to Market Days which is quite possibly the best people watching you will ever come across.. Ever.

Made a smoothie to recover the next day to reset my system after the fried chicken, funnel cakes, and candy we ate during the festival. Can't wait until next year!

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  1. Ahh, I loooove stree fairs/festivals/food fairs/street markets/night markets all of the above and more! Lovely pictures, and that smoothie looks super good! I know what you mean about needing something to recover from the fried food/sweet overload. Fresh and healthy smoothies are the way to go =)