Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall hair update!

Oh, how I love a nice dark autumn wardrobe with snow white hair! Hell-o platinum! Still have another session before it's where I would like it to be, but it's healthy and soft and that's most important :) 

I'm currently editing photos from Brighton and should have them up tomorrow evening. 
I hope you are all having a happy Wednesday! What is your favorite thing about the fall season?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Homecoming! Pt. 1

WOW! It has absolutely been WAY too long before I updated my poor blog and shared all of my vacation photos with you!  To be honest, I only recently uploaded them to my computer to be edited because I've found it incredibly hard to catch up with the life I left behind in Chicago for two weeks. Now that my school, job and social life are sorted, I can relax and reflect on the wonderful cities we've visited!

These pictures are from my first time in London and oh, I am in love!  I honestly didn't see myself leaving (ever) and it took every fiber in my being to move on and away from this beautiful city.  We took 3 days to explore cuisine, parks, and local markets all around and met some really incredible people (and ducks) along the way.  It's amazing how scenic everything is and my friend, Colette, and I were constantly blown away by the beauty down every single street.  I was worried that pictures would never do London justice, but we got a few gems of our favorite spots :) 

Have you ever been to London? And to everyone who lives there, lucky you!