Sunday, November 16, 2014

Black and White Lakeshore

Nixon hates us
Wool Coat:Elevenses  //Black Skinnies: H&M//Booties:Report
Scarf:H&M//Leather Bag:Steve Madden

When you live in Chicago, the beach ALWAYS sounds like the best idea you've ever had until you get there. The season doesn't even matter. In the Summer, the strong winds pelt you with sand and particles until you get irritated, blinded and eventually give up and leave. In Autumn, it seems like the perfect place to take some cool pictures against the milky sky and water until you realize that every inch closer to the lake becomes -10 degrees colder than before. In the Winter, forget it! Although I'll probably return to take some pictures anyways when it's all frozen and beautiful (and instantly regret being there). 

 Brysen and I froze our asses off and his poor dog, Nixon, looked completely miserable the entire time. We snapped some photos before calling it quits then went to a Vietnamese restaurant for some lunch. I've never had Vietnamese cuisine before, so I was stoked! I did have a concern however.. After we burned our lips off with jalapenos, we noticed that the egg rolls tasted like barnyard... Is that normal?? We were too awkward to say anything so we ate them all figuring we will know soon if they were tainted. We finished off our afternoon browsing some marketplaces and spent the rest of our night in Target because we are weak and can't spend less than an hour in there. Have a great rest of your weekend! 

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