Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lilac Rhombus?

Dead weasel or crabby cat? 

Ok, so I've had a more than stressful week and Halloween gave me the excuse I was looking for to get a little wild and dye my hair purple. Please don't ask why I've always wanted to do this but now that I left my professional job, I am all over it. Time to let my freak flag fly! Just joking, this will wash out soon and I just might let it.. (maybe).

Since I had a rare weekend off, I decided to indulge in a little more kitty torture. I felt inspired by the fallen leaves and wanted to make him a Lion King style crown that I foolishly assumed he'd enjoy and all I got in return was bite marks. As it turns out, you can't force cats to do ANYTHING. In 98% of my photos (I probably took around 100) he's either screaming or looking completely defeated/dead, which makes my sweet leaf crown look more like a miserable burial shroud.

Have a great rest of your Sunday! 

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