Sunday, April 26, 2015

Green with envy

Visited the Garfield Park Conservatory today and oh MAN, was it beautiful!  Went along with my two favorite boys and even though it was super packed with small children (usually my worst nightmare) we had a wonderful, relaxing time full of people watching and flower sniffing.  It's crazy that something this amazing is so close to our apartment and did I mention it's totally free to visit? After taking several photos featuring this amazing pineapple lace top, we grabbed lunch afterwards, played a few ridiculously competitive rounds of Mario Kart and now it's time to study for finals.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 

Ps. In case you're wondering why this post is titled "Green With Envy", I'll have you know that our only warm sunshine here in the Chicago Spring time is artificial or indoors. It's been in the low 50's, windy and rainy.  Such a drag!  I can't wait until the sun shines brighter and everything comes alive again.  Until then, florists, greenhouses and conservatories it is!