Friday, July 17, 2015

California, Here we Come!

Safe and Sound 

Well, we made it!  After a very rough week of packing, hauling, sorting and cleaning, we had our garage sale at the end of the weekend and it was such a success!   We’ve never actually had a garage sale before so we started off with the help of our few closest friends and naturally,  lots of alcohol was involved.  We ended up losing track of time both days as we drank and cackled from our alley garage and we managed to make quite a few sales!  

Mother Nature was also into it, and she cooperated and blessed us with two amazingly sunny days. After it was all said and done, we said really tough goodbyes to friends and family and packed our sedated cat (who actually wasn’t sedated nearly enough as it turns out) and hopped on the plane to California!  In between cat screams and my crying, I like to think we made the plane ride very memorable for fellow passengers.  

Our first night here was Jake’s Birthday so we celebrated with a pitcher of margaritas and fell asleep around 5pm like the senior citizens we’ve suddenly become.  On our first full day, we visited Half Moon Bay which is so so stunning.

We weren’t able to see the tide pools this time around since the crashing waves and high tide got in the way, but we enjoyed scavenging for sea glass amongst the rubble, eating a very small picnic (aka bag of chips) and we explored the rocky shores for most of the day.  

I am so excited to call this beautiful new city home, though I still miss my friends and family a crazy amount.  I’m homesick for the people but not Chicago surprisingly, so I’ve already had some stern talks with friends and family about visiting and possibly moving out here to help with those feelings.  I think a few more pitchers of margaritas and more ocean time will help us settle in much quicker than expected ;D  We are glad to be on the west coast finally, and now it’s time to search for an apartment!  Wish us luck!

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