Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Floral Feelin'

Jeans: Pilcro//Top: American Apparel//Shoes: Converse// Wool cardigan: Just Female//Purse: Primecut Bags

A Summer Stroll

San Francisco has been an absolute joy so far but lets be honest...  The housing market out here is just a litttllleee ridiculous.  Since arriving, we have walked about 10 miles a day (hel-lo nice legs and goodbye kankles!) and have seen about 2-3 apartments a day on average.  We have been arriving early to appointments,  acting promptly on recently posted apartment listings, and showing up extremely prepared to sign a lease yet there is always one or two people ahead of us!  HOW.  HOW is this possible?  

Let me set the scene and vent my frustrations a little. One of the listings was posted around 8pm, we responded at 11pm, the landlord got back to us at 7am and she let us know that someone already applied and signed the lease.  

WHAT?!  Are these people magical vampires or what?  To add insult to injury, there have been several “application fees” ranging from $25-$35/applicant.  Damn you, San Francisco!  You’re lucky you’re so beautiful.  

Wish us luck with finding a place because at this point we are ready to move into a renovated dumpster or van just so we don’t have to play this game anymore.  Any suggestions for renting in this market out here?  We are looking at a small apartment in a wonderful area tomorrow, so wish us luck :)  Happy Tuesday!

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