Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tickled Pink

Top: H&M//Leather Belt: TopShop//Shoes:Madewell//Leather Pouch: American Apparel//Jeans: Pilcro//Sunnies: Anthropologie//Watch: The Horse//Earrings:Bauble Bar

Weekend Vibes

Happy Saturday!  As you can see, we spotted this candy colored wall last week and now absolutely addicted.  I promise I will try to stay away from it after this post but look just at it!  It's just too damned cute to not stop and take pictures in front of.  

In other news, I finally got a new pair of shoes that aren't sneakers!  I've always been such a sucker for a versatile, well made (har har see what I did there?) pair of leather oxfords, so these fit my criteria quite nicely. I'm still a little unsure about the cream color since I usually gravitate towards darker colors, but I think they'll fit into my closet nicely once they get roughed up and dirty.  They look amazing with a cuffed pair of jeans and i'm dying to see what else they might pair well with! 

So about that hair picture...  It's been sort of a personal goal to do more with my hair because I always admire those girls that manage different braids, buns and updos on the regular.  How do they make it look so effortless and where do they even get the inspiration and skills?  I must have missed the crafty hair gene when they were handing it out because I'm more of a wash and wear kind of person who rarely does more than a ponytail.  

Here is my latest pride and joy!  You can recreate it with 2 small rubber bands and a brush.  All you do is take the top third of your hair, make it into a small ponytail, part it in the center and pull it through itself.  Place another rubber band a few inches down the pony and pull it through once again. Super super easy, it's almost embarassing to admit how proud I am of myself for pulling this off.  I'm sure you don't ACTUALLY need directions but I'm the kind of person who's all thumbs with any sort of hairstyle.  This also has kind of a sexy khaleesi vibe that I'm totally diggin'. I bet it would look better with curled or wavy hair but lets be honest, us lazy girls aren't doing that. 
Where the dragons at? 

Have a great weekend! 

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