Sunday, September 27, 2015

Conservatory of Flowers

Pretending this plant is delicious buttered corn on the cob 


Endless Summer 

Happy Sunday everyone!  Thought i'd bring some life to my blog once again with a splash of color and give you a break from all the black and white that's been posted lately :). This weekend, Jake and I decided to take time from our busy schedules to just hang out together and spend some quality time, chillin' and exploring. We slept in, had coffee in bed, and decided to pay a visit the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers after we finally got going.

Lemme tell ya, I've never seen so many different kinds of plants before in one place. Seriously though! There was life sprouting from every square inch of the place and our eyes got tired from staring at everything and finding small plants everywhere, like the ones inside of that hygrometer/thermometer combo. How does that even happen? 

Even though the conservatory was on the smaller side (compared to the one in Chicago) we got stuck examining everything from koi ponds to succulents for hours. I got too excited for our trip this morning and I totally forgot to take my antihistamine so now i'm paying the price as i'm sniffling and sneezing from bed with puffy eyes and an itchy throat. No idea what set it off this time, but I have this lingering feeling that it was that tasty looking corn plant. It's probably pissed off that I pretended to eat it. Whoops!

I hope everyone is having a great Fall weekend!  

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