Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dog Days of Summer

Shoes:Zara//Skirt:Forever21//T-shirt:Target//Leather Belt:Anthropologie//Earcuff:Forever21//Purse:PrimeCut//Jean Jacket:Heritage

The Perfect Labor Day Weekend

Hello everyone!  I took another accidental unexpected leave of absence from my blog but do not fear, it was for good reason... I finally got a job!  I landed a part time job at Anthropologie, the clothing store and I am loving it so far!  Some of you who know me well or follow my Instagram know that I was a veterinary technician previously in Chicago, so retail is a far cry from the veterinary field.  I decided that working a part time job right now with girls who share similar interests as me (ya know, CLOTHES) would be a great move for me so I can get out there and meet friends in the area.  I realized that I don't know anyone other than my super busy boyfriend, so I would wait around all day for him to come home and just talk his ear off about meaningless things.  I would call and bother all my friends back at home and keep them on FaceTime for waayy too long and essentially just hang out and watch TV with them after we've run out of things to talk about.  God, I was soo lonely. 

This weekend my friend and hair stylist came all the way from Chicago to visit lil ol' me which was just perfect timing!  We rented a car and trekked all over the San Francisco bay area.  Here are some photos of Baker Beach which is right next to the Golden Gate Bridge.  This weekend was especially hot as it reached 95 degrees, so we were happy to dip our feet in the cool water on the shore.  We also felt the need for some fresh oysters since we were so close to the ocean!  We stopped at a restaurant which was magically hosting a happy hour at that time, so we ordered a dozen fresh oysters and sampled fish tacos and seafood chowder before heading home.  Delicious!  

Oh, and a word about Baker Beach because nobody informed us- Yes, it's gorgeous and scenic, but becomes a nude beach halfway down.  Not that I'm some immature person who can't handle a few naked boobs and weiners, but I just don't like surprises and that definitely was a surprise!  Jen and I were walking along the shore and all of a sudden, BAM.  Everyone was just naked without any warning or so much as a sign, statue or rope.  We immediately thought that maybe their bathing suits washed off and out to sea, but they didn't look nearly pissed off or confused enough, so we just played it cool and kept walking like it was no big deal.  I got really good with the healing brush and clone tool in photoshop this weekend as I doctored my photos reeeeal good to make them SFW. Basically, if there's a naked butt in anyone's vacation photos that you would like to post on social media, holler at'cher girl because I got your back. 

Up top is a little bit of what I wore this weekend!  I'm just crazy about this asymmetric leather skirt and of course, I saw this ear cuff and just had to have it :-x  I'll probably get a cartilage deformity before long from the little clamp that keeps them in place.  Damn, those hurt!  

I hope everyone had a super amazing labor day!  What was everyone up to this weekend?? 

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