Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tourists in Our Own Town

Sea Creatures

This past weekend we paid a visit to the San Francisco Aquarium on our day off! If you know me at all, you'll know that i'm obsessed with water and ocean life so if you take me to the beach or aquarium we will probably spend an entire day there. 
Jake and I have never been inside one of these underwater tunnels before, but we've always seen them in movies. Definitely wishing I had more photos of the sea creatures but it was so dark in there I could hardly get my camera to focus on those fast moving fish. Plus I was distracted as hell, watching the stingrays, sharks and various fish swimming by in laps. The best picture of any living creature I got was a immobile (possibly dead) starfish suctioned to the glass but i'll spare you and avoid sharing that one. 

We took our sweet time at the otherwise small aquarium and meandered out to Fisherman's Wharf afterwards. Even though it's so close by, we've always avoided it since it's expensive and we get super anxious and antsy in large crowds. While it was very touristy, we still had a great time at all the little shop stalls, candy stores, and we found a fricken PUPPET STORE with a replica of Carl that was pretty dead on. Jake and I both deeply regret not spending $40 for it, so I think a trip back to collect that puppet is in our future! Not sure what we'd do with it other than terrorize our actual cat with it. Maybe take it on public trans, start talking through it and score a seat? Just throwing out some ideas!

We ended our day trip shortly after strolling past some lazy sea lions. Oh god, did they STINK! Like a big old dish sponge or the bottom of a hamster cage. Who would have thought something so cute and clean looking would be so vile? Every once in awhile, we'd get hit with the sea lion stank so we'd be like "ok, that's enough for now" and start walking away only to hear them doing something interesting behind our backs. We'd walk back to see what the commotion was just to get punished by them stinking the place up again. Oh, those sea lions! 

Has anyone been to the SF aquarium before or seen actual sea lions up close? Also, what are your plans for Halloween this weekend?! Can't believe it's crept up on us so quickly this year. I hope you are well and having a great week so far! 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Crazy for Culottes- How to wear em' into the Fall

Got our fortunes read by Zoltar! 

Scalloped Crop Top:H&M (similar one here!)//Grey Culottes:Urban Outfitters//Shoes:Urban Outfitters//Light Grey Duster:Anthropologie//Black Leather Backpack:Zara//Watch:The Horse//Barrett:H&M 

Repeat Offender

Greetings everyone! So sorry about the 11 day hiatus. I'm quickly realizing that October is totally kicking my ass real good lately for some strange and mysterious reason. Do you ever just feel super lazy, tired, and unproductive when the weather changes? Or like your hair, face and clothes just suck at life sometimes? Basically, that's where i'm at right now for some unexplainable reason. What is up with that? 

Ok, so let's talk about these culottes again. Yes, they're still comfy, airy, flattering blah blah BUT I don't think I mentioned before that they're also high waisted (bonus!) so you can easily pull of an otherwise scandalous crop top AND when you bend over, no buttcrack. These babies are such a breeze. To keep up with the (slightly) chillier Fall weather, I paired it with this long, slate grey duster and broke up all the moody greys with some pops of black with the accessories and top. By the way, this black leather backpack that was only $50 at Zara! Not a bad buy at all, you can hide lots of stuff in this thing. 

This weekend, Jake and I got extremely lucky and we were just in the right place at the right time. There was this ah-mazing parade happening that we were totally oblivious to. We ate lunch, walked outside, heard music, then immediately saw people bouncing around in fuzzy dragon costumes so we stayed put until they marched down to street and came to us. After that, a nearly hour long parade followed after that with MORE dragons (yussss) drummers, high school bands, dancers and tons of costumes. It was soo cool. If you live around San Francisco or are visiting here for vacation, I highly recommend this culture rich town! It's such a joy. 

What do you think of culottes? Would you wear them into the Fall? Or do you think this trend has run it's course? 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Casual Cookie Monster

Jacket:ASOS//Striped Top:H&M//Leather Leggings:Anthropologie//Shoes:Target

October Blues

Well Hello, OCTOBER! Oh my god, can you even believe how fast September went by? I feel like July was just yesterday and now we have to worry about settling into Fall and trying to figure out what to wear to Halloween parties. It almost seems too soon because you know that after Halloween comes and goes, we will all be gearing up for Thanksgiving and Christmas and *hyperventilates* oh god, I have to stop thinking about this. Christmas gives me so much anxiety and I once again point the crooked finger to my string of shitty jobs in retail and customer service for this. I should just make an entire blog post about all of the good and bad things retail teaches you but first, I will leave you with my most terrifying short story... Retail during Black Friday. The End. 

About the post name... My best friend seems to think that this coat looks like Cookie Monster so badly, that he just went on and decided to name it and refer to it as just that. Also, my boyfriend calls the first pic my "muppet smile", so with these two things working against me, I'm just going to own it and combine the two to make one big muppet look and treat it as such. Where the cookies at??

About the coat... So I bought this fur coat on a whim one night after feeling like I deserved something luxurious for no special reason other than my Birthday is two months away. It's soo soft that I can't believe it's not real fur! I mean, this is real high quality stuff-stuff I would like to make bed sheets out of and sleep on naked every night because it's that soft. This coat is totally not something I would normally have laying around in my closet, but it was surprisingly easy to wear. I will admit, it gave off some Big Pimpin' vibes and I could totally imagine myself in the background of a Jay-Z music video, so I kept the rest of the outfit fairly simple. I paired this lush little number with sleek leather leggings (kind of my go-to) and a striped top to break up the texture with some clean lines. Also, a heeled mule was the only way to go with these to prevent me from looking like a squatty fuzzy troll ;) Just kidding, I just like looking tall! 
What do you guys think about this teal fur coat? Is this something you would wear and keep in your closet? Also, what would YOU pair it with? Please let me know in the comments below! I look forward to hearing from you :) Also, have an AMAZING start to your October! Have a Pumpkin Spice latte for me!