Monday, October 12, 2015

Crazy for Culottes- How to wear em' into the Fall

Got our fortunes read by Zoltar! 

Scalloped Crop Top:H&M (similar one here!)//Grey Culottes:Urban Outfitters//Shoes:Urban Outfitters//Light Grey Duster:Anthropologie//Black Leather Backpack:Zara//Watch:The Horse//Barrett:H&M 

Repeat Offender

Greetings everyone! So sorry about the 11 day hiatus. I'm quickly realizing that October is totally kicking my ass real good lately for some strange and mysterious reason. Do you ever just feel super lazy, tired, and unproductive when the weather changes? Or like your hair, face and clothes just suck at life sometimes? Basically, that's where i'm at right now for some unexplainable reason. What is up with that? 

Ok, so let's talk about these culottes again. Yes, they're still comfy, airy, flattering blah blah BUT I don't think I mentioned before that they're also high waisted (bonus!) so you can easily pull of an otherwise scandalous crop top AND when you bend over, no buttcrack. These babies are such a breeze. To keep up with the (slightly) chillier Fall weather, I paired it with this long, slate grey duster and broke up all the moody greys with some pops of black with the accessories and top. By the way, this black leather backpack that was only $50 at Zara! Not a bad buy at all, you can hide lots of stuff in this thing. 

This weekend, Jake and I got extremely lucky and we were just in the right place at the right time. There was this ah-mazing parade happening that we were totally oblivious to. We ate lunch, walked outside, heard music, then immediately saw people bouncing around in fuzzy dragon costumes so we stayed put until they marched down to street and came to us. After that, a nearly hour long parade followed after that with MORE dragons (yussss) drummers, high school bands, dancers and tons of costumes. It was soo cool. If you live around San Francisco or are visiting here for vacation, I highly recommend this culture rich town! It's such a joy. 

What do you think of culottes? Would you wear them into the Fall? Or do you think this trend has run it's course? 


  1. Love this outfit- the color palette is forever perfect!! So cool you guys found a parade! I love SF- have only been twice and both were pretty quick trips but I can't wait to come back and check out some more of the city!



    1. Thank you so much Lauren! You definitely need to come back soon and explore! It's absolutely nuts out here, but you'd have so much fun!

  2. Ok I don't usually like culottes (okay maybe never), but you are seriously rocking them. I love how you've styled them with a crop top. You've shown me that they aren't so bad after all! Girl crushing = me.