Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tourists in Our Own Town

Sea Creatures

This past weekend we paid a visit to the San Francisco Aquarium on our day off! If you know me at all, you'll know that i'm obsessed with water and ocean life so if you take me to the beach or aquarium we will probably spend an entire day there. 
Jake and I have never been inside one of these underwater tunnels before, but we've always seen them in movies. Definitely wishing I had more photos of the sea creatures but it was so dark in there I could hardly get my camera to focus on those fast moving fish. Plus I was distracted as hell, watching the stingrays, sharks and various fish swimming by in laps. The best picture of any living creature I got was a immobile (possibly dead) starfish suctioned to the glass but i'll spare you and avoid sharing that one. 

We took our sweet time at the otherwise small aquarium and meandered out to Fisherman's Wharf afterwards. Even though it's so close by, we've always avoided it since it's expensive and we get super anxious and antsy in large crowds. While it was very touristy, we still had a great time at all the little shop stalls, candy stores, and we found a fricken PUPPET STORE with a replica of Carl that was pretty dead on. Jake and I both deeply regret not spending $40 for it, so I think a trip back to collect that puppet is in our future! Not sure what we'd do with it other than terrorize our actual cat with it. Maybe take it on public trans, start talking through it and score a seat? Just throwing out some ideas!

We ended our day trip shortly after strolling past some lazy sea lions. Oh god, did they STINK! Like a big old dish sponge or the bottom of a hamster cage. Who would have thought something so cute and clean looking would be so vile? Every once in awhile, we'd get hit with the sea lion stank so we'd be like "ok, that's enough for now" and start walking away only to hear them doing something interesting behind our backs. We'd walk back to see what the commotion was just to get punished by them stinking the place up again. Oh, those sea lions! 

Has anyone been to the SF aquarium before or seen actual sea lions up close? Also, what are your plans for Halloween this weekend?! Can't believe it's crept up on us so quickly this year. I hope you are well and having a great week so far! 


  1. I love aquariums!! They are so much fun. It looks like you and your boy had an awesome adventure together. I remember when I was 5 I went to SF and I saw a bunch of sea lions on a wharf like that. I wonder if it was the same exact one! I don't remember them being stinky though. I love seals and sea lions because they look like ocean dachshunds <3

    1. We had a GREAT time! Since we both work so much, we really have to cram all of our adventures and photo taking into the one day we have off together. It's a little inconvenient sometimes, but it gives us SO much to look forward to! I bet it was the same exact bundle of sea lions! They have their own special platforms and a visitors center right near it. They're hilarious! Hahaha omg of COURSE that's why you like them ;) They're the Dachshunds of the sea!

  2. Aw I love the aquarium, I have a lot of fond memories of visiting when I was younger. Must go back!


  3. This underwater tunnel is so cool!

  4. I love this post! The photographs made it so much better! But I totally know how you feel, there are times when I'm walking around my hometown in complete awe of everything around me.
    Diana |